Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I replace the windows in my home?

A: For most homes, you should think about replacing windows about every 20 to 25 years. If you have an older home and your windows feel drafty, you have ice or frost buildup on the panes, or you notice that your heating bills are going up every year, you might want to replace them sooner.

Q: What is the best material for new windows?

A: Two of the most popular choices for homeowners today include fiberglass and vinyl. Both offer superior durability for long-lasting beauty and style, little to no maintenance, and structural stability to prevent expansion, contraction, warping, and cracking.

Q: What are U-values and R-values for windows?

A: These two numbers measure how energy efficient your windows are. U-values measure the amount of heat that escapes through the window to the outside (lower U-values mean higher energy efficiency). R-values represent how resistant a window is to heat flow, meaning how well they keep outside air from entering the home (so higher R-values are better). R-values generally depend on how many layers of glass you have, whether you have gas between windowpanes, and whether the glass is treated with a Low-E coating.

Q: What does “Low-E” mean?

A: Low-E stands for low emissivity, which is a term used to describe windows that curb heat flow while still allowing light to get through. This layer is an invisible coating added to the surface of windows to protect from UV rays while still allowing plenty of light through.

Q: What kind of glazing do my windows need?

A: The type of glazing that is best for your windows depends a lot on your needs. There are options that can help reduce heat loss, reduce outdoor noise, and prevent sunlight and UV rays from damaging the interior of your home. Talk to the team of Salt Lake City window professionals at Price’s Guaranteed to find out which is best for you.

Q: Can you install new windows any time of the year?

A: Yes, Price’s can install new windows in your home any time of the year. Since most windows are installed from the outside, we may need to plan around weather during the winter months. Our team of experienced installers can generally do a full home installation in a single day, and will do it one window at a time to minimize the loss of warm or cool air during the installation.

Q: What should I do to prepare for new Salt Lake City windows?

A: Please remove any window treatments, including blinds and curtains prior to the window installation. If you have security sensors attached to the windows, these should also be removed and disarmed. If there are any obstacles they should be removed so our installers have a clear path to each window that will be replaced. There may also be some disturbance of the walls around your new windows, so if you have fragile items hanging on the walls it’s a good idea to remove them.

Q: How long does window installation take?

A: After you order it may take a few weeks to order your new windows, and we will contact you to set a date for the installation. Generally it takes about 30 minutes to install each window, so plan accordingly based on the number of windows you plan to have replaced.